The Birds of Bahjí

Speaking of birds, here’s a poem I wrote last month.

Gardens at Bahjí

I want to know all your names
for if I can pin your species
maybe I’ll evolve wings like you
to ascend on this sacred air.
Some I know:
the crows who skulk and swoop heavily
the gilt peacocks and stone eagles
            perched steadfastly
the parrots, the hummingbirds,
and a Nightingale—
                        this is Paradise—
But you long-legged careless ones
that squawk and hop across the lawn
and you, bird of prey, dagger eyes.
            You have to be a peregrine falcon,
            A pilgrim like me.
Give me all your names,
            you birds of Bahjí,
            and let me collect your brilliant feathers
            here, in the kingdom of my heart.

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